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Rather than suffer the inconvenience of dentures, dental implants offer a more convenient and effective solution to replace missing teeth. Key areas of our Dental Implants services are:


Implants are secured to your jawbone with titanium rods or screws. A new crown is placed on top of the implant to match the colour and contours of your existing teeth.


Unlike the artificiality of dentures, dental implants look, feel and work like natural teeth. They are strong and long lasting, allowing you to chew with confidence and enjoy food without a plastic denture covering the roof of your mouth.

Our Implant Care

The whole practice has training in implant skills. We plan and decide which type of implant suits your needs and budget. Mark, who has trained with the world leading ankylos system, will carry out the procedure using the latest equipment. Our expertise in assessing your suitability for implants, carrying out the procedure and providing aftercare means we offer a fully comprehensive dental implant service.

Completed Cases

Patient testimonial

‘’My denture was no longer working for me. I previously had a fixed bridge and I didn’t like that the denture was removable. I chose Creative Smiles on my daughter’s recommendation as she had some treatment carried out there. Since treatment my confidence is now back and I do not have to worry about my denture coming out.’’
The above case was completed with an Implant retained bridge.

Patient testimonial

‘’I had to have a tooth removed due to root damage and there was no way I wanted to end up with a denture! Instead, I had an implant placed. A fantastic treatment choice and carried out with a professional service and great staff. I ended up with my tooth back which has helped my confidence!’’

Patient Testimonial

‘’My lower denture was constantly moving around in my mouth. Trying to eat with the denture was almost impossible and I always had the worry that they would fall out when I was in company which would be a really embarrassing situation for me.
I came to see Mark who was highly recommended to me by a friend and he placed 4 lower implants which lock into a removable bridge giving me a secure set of lower teeth. I now have no worries about my teeth falling out of my mouth when in company as they do not move anymore when I eat. It has given me a lot more confidence and I feel it has made a huge difference to my whole face in general as I felt my cheeks and lips had sunk in over time’’

Patient Testimonial

‘’I was unhappy wearing an upper removable denture and was really worried about the effect it was having on the rest of my existing upper teeth. After having 3 implants placed at Creative Smiles I was able to gain four new front teeth using a permanently fixed implant bridge. I no longer have to worry about removing a denture! Having this procedure carried out has made me more confident and less embarrassed to show my teeth. The service here was excellent!’’

Case Study showing 6 upper implants giving a patient 12 upper fixed teeth

6 upper implant posts
Fixed bridge to implants
Xray showing failing teeth.
Xray showing 6 upper titanium implants.

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