The Art Of Cosmetic Bonding

Bonding With Composite Resin (Tooth Coloured Filling Material) In recent years there have been amazing developments in Modern Dentistry with the use of tooth coloured filling materials (sometimes called white fillings or composite) and the adhesives used with this material. A wide variety of problems can be fixed with this material and the Dentists at […]

Leanne’s Great Wall of China Charity Trek

Leanne (Patient Care Co-ordinator) from Creative Smiles along with her friend Emma Bailie completed The Great Wall of China Trek successfully back in October 2010 raising a total of £11,500 for Local Charity Action Cancer.  they also completed 2 Optional Treks in addition to the challenge, one involving a trek to one of the Highest […]

Smoking & Oral Health

For many years it has been recognised that smoking and chewing tobacco is bad for our general health and most people are now aware of that. It can cause a variety of different medical problems and, in some cases, fatal diseases. However, many people don’t realise the damage that smoking does to their mouth, gums […]

Partial Closure of Midline Space with 6 Veneers

       A patient of Creative Smiles recently came in with discoloured and poorly shaped teeth caused by years of tooth wear and a large space between her front teeth that had been there since childhood. Understandably she was very self conscious about smiling in photographs. On this occasion Mr Gilbert decided to increase the length […]

Tooth Straightening using the Inman Aligner

Creative Smiles would like to share this recent case with you! This lady came to us as she had been very unhappy with the appearance of her front four teeth for many years.  She wanted to find out what her options were in relation to Tooth Straightening. We decided along with this patient that the […]

Why is oral health important in Pregnancy?

We hear it all the time, “I lost all my teeth when I had my children”, “My teeth were never the same” “I lost a tooth for every child” there are a lot of old wives tales about pregnancy and teeth but most are not true! Providing you practice excellent oral hygiene and cut down […]

Cosmetic Dentures

COSMETIC DENTURES   Types Of Cosmetic Denture: There are two main types of Cosmetic Denture Available: – 1. Acrylic (or plastic) Cosmetic Dentures 2. Cobalt Chromium or Titanium Cosmetic dentures – These are advised when at least some teeth are present Advantages Of Cobalt Chromium and Titanium Cosmetic Dentures: –  Better chewing (more stable; less movement of […]

The pursuit of excellence in Dental Aesthetics in Ireland

The Irish Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry annual conference recently took place in the Hilton Belfast. Mark Gilbert was part of the organising committee. Six of the Creative Smiles team attended as part of our ongoing professional development. The IAAD was set up in 1998. The Academy’s purpose is to provide and foster dental health for […]

Toothpaste: Choosing the right one for YOU!

At Creative smiles the team are often asked which is the best toothpaste to use. The world of toothpastes can seem like a mine field, you only have to look at any supermarket and you will see rows of plaque busting, breath freshening, fluoride and cavity control, sensitivity and whitening toothpastes all with that guarantee […]