Smile Make-over using AB ‘Align & Bond’

This Gentleman from Dollingstown came to Creative Smiles as he was unhppy with his smile.  His future wife had started her Smile Make-over here at Creative Smiles a few months prior hence he was concerned that the wedding photos would make his teeth stand out in comparison to hers!!  He did not like the alignment of his teeth or the gap […]

Replacing Old Crowns & Veneers

We finished this case recently here at Creative Smiles!  This lady travelled up from the South to see us as she was unhappy with the appearance of her old veneers and crowns, she wanted a more wider and rejuvenated smile! We whitened the teeth then prepared and fitted new veneers and crowns to bring this Lady’s smile […]

Cosmetic Bonding

This young lady from Belfast approached Creative Smiles with concerns about the appearance of her front teeth. She had fractured two of her front teeth a few years ago, and the fillings that were placed are now discoloured. After an in-depth consultation at Creative Smiles, both the patient and Mr. Gilbert decided to carry out […]

Improving a smile using Porcelain Veneers

This young man came to see us at Creative Smiles, already wearing a fixed upper brace. He was coming to the end of his orthodontic treatment after having crooked upper teeth and wanted to know how he could improve the look of his lateral incisor teeth when the brace was taken off. He thought they […]

Invislign ‘the Clear Brace’

Last week, Creative Smiles completed this case! This gentleman in his 60s came to us last year after many years of being concerned with the prominence of his upper teeth. He did not like that his lower teeth were crooked either.  He felt like the teeth were continuing to get worse over time, the longer […]