WISHING ALL OUR CREATIVE SMILES TEAM AND PATIENTS A VERY HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! Remember to brush your teeth after all your halloween Treats!!    

Orthodontic Retainers

The final phase of Orthodontic Treatment is called Retention.  This is fitted when your brace is removed.  The purpose of retention is to maintain the corrected alignment of your teeth. During the process of wearing your brace your gums and bone tissue around your teeth move or re-model to their new position. Sometimes, the teeth […]

Replacement Porcelain Restorations

This young lady from Lisburn came to see us as she was unhappy with her smile. She disliked her two central teeth that had been crowned a long time ago.  She was also concerned with the old fillings on her front lateral incisors and the ‘pink’ stain on her upper right lateral incisor tooth. After […]


Toothbrushing is a simple task, but lots of people brush their teeth incorrectly, either skipping around the teeth so much that they don’t really clean anything, or rubbing so hard that they actually damage their teeth and gums. No matter how good you try to brush your teeth, some bacteria will always be left behind. […]

Our almost invisible brace: Invisalign

This young lady from Greenisland came to Creative Smiles as she was recommended to us by a friend.  She was very unhappy with her teeth. She did not like the alignment of her teeth or the colour of her teeth.    She was becoming aware of these issues all the time and it was affecting her confidence and preventing her from smiling.   We carried […]

Smile Rejuvenation

This lady from Belfast came to Creative Smiles because she has always been uncomfortable with her smile.  She did not like the alignment of her teeth or the appearance of both her central teeth.  The central incisor teeth had old composite based veneers on them and she felt they looked dull and lifeless so she wanted her smile brought back to life!  […]

State Of The Art Porcelain Veneers

Veneers are thin layers of porcelain that provide a new front surface for your teeth. Here at Creative Smiles we use high quality porcelain material for our veneers, the best option when it comes to such treatment. Veneers offer great versatility and are able to be used for an assortment of tooth problems: they can […]

What Happens During Your Dental Examination?

Did you know that this is all included in your routine examination at Creative Smiles? Updating your general health details with our Confidential Medical History Checking for pain and discomfort Checking the jaw joints Analysing the occlusion (bite) Assessing the soft tissue for infections or other conditions Oral cancer check Confirmation that previous dental work […]

Smile Rejuvenation

This Young Lady lady from  Belfast came to Creative Smiles because she has always been very consious of her smile from a young age.  So much so that she has got into the habit of putting her hand across her mouth so that no-one can see her teeth! She did not like the alignment of her teeth or the appearance of […]