The Art of Cometic Bonding

Cosmetic Bonding is becoming more and more used in the art of Modern Cosmetic Dentistry!  We use it on a daily basis here on suitable Cases at Creative Smiles! The procedure is very simple.  It involves adding a material which acts as enamel onto your own tooth enamel so there is no preparation of your […]

Inman Aligner

This young lady who studies at Edingburgh University visited Creative Smiles with concerns that her teeth were becoming crowded, her main concern was the front tooth. She was given a number of othodontic treatments that she was suitable for including Invisalign,  a tooth Coloured Fixed Appliance or the Inman Aligner. After taking some time to make […]

Free orthodontic treatment for children could be about to end!

Parents of children who require braces could be expected to pay for the NHS service under new proposals by the Department of Health. They include introducing a grading system which will determine if a child’s teeth are bad enough in order to be given free treatment.  If not, the child’s teeth will remain untouched unless […]

Brushing Baby’s Teeth

Brushing baby’s teeth and paying close attention to his dental care is more important than many parents realize. Keeping your baby’s teeth clean may not always be easy – when they clamps their jaws shut, it can be difficult to persuade them to open them – but getting a routine established early in life can make things easier […]

Smile Make-Over

Creative Smiles would like to share this recently finished case with you. This lady came to see us after being recommended to us by another Dentist she knew.  She felt that her teeth had moved during pregnancy.  She was very unhappy with her smile especially with the gap on her upper right hand side left from […]


Cold sores are small, blister-like lesions that usually appear around the mouth and sometimes the nose. They are caused by the herpes simplex virus. The strain that usually causes them around the mouth is herpes simplex type 1 (HSV-1). The herpes simplex virus, or ‘cold sore virus’, is highly contagious and can be passed easily […]


Our Creative Smiles Team would like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year!!!! So what New Year Resolutions have you made for 2012??????? Most people will be planning to lose weight, eat more healthy, plan to exercise more.  A healthy, happier and more confident smile is another way to compliment your New Year Plan!! Rejuvenating your […]