Herbal dental remedy a ‘potent anaesthetic’

A herbal remedy for toothache, used for centuries by a remote Incan tribe in the Amazon is being turned into a commercial treatment for dental pain. Francoise Barbira-Freedman, a medical anthropologist at Cambridge University, described how she discovered the remedy, which is derived from the rare Acmella oleracea plant, while visiting the tribe in the […]

White wines ‘bad for the teeth’

Enjoying a glass of white wine on a frequent basis can damage the teeth, something many wine makers and tasters will know first-hand, experts say. Pale plonk packs an acidic punch that erodes enamel far more than red wine, Nutrition Research reports. It is not the wine’s vintage, origin or alcohol that are key but […]

Straighter Smiles in under a year!

This young lady from Belfast came to Creative Smiles as she was very unhappy with her upper teeth and was concerned about her upcoming wedding and smiling for her photographs.    She did not mind the idea of having a brace that could be seen as long as it met with the deadline for her wedding.   We carried out an in-depth […]

Smile Make-Over

This Gentleman from Lisburn came to see us as he was unhappy with his smile.  His job involved being in the public eye so he wanted to be more confident when dealing with clients. He disliked that his teeth were all different colours and the very dark appearance of his upper right lateral incisor tooth really annoyed him.  He felt […]

Catch Creative Smiles at the Ramada Bridal Fayre

    Creative Smiles will be at the Ramada Plaza Bridal Fayre between 1-5pm on Sunday 11th March. Some of our team will be onhand to offer advice. So wether you just want to add some extra sparkle to your Special Day with Tooth Whitening or want a Complete Smile Makeover come see some of […]