Keep it simple with Cosmetic Bonding!

Cosmetic Bonding is becoming more and more used in the art of Modern Cosmetic Dentistry!  We use it on a daily basis here on suitable Cases at Creative Smiles! The procedure is very simple.  It involves adding a material which acts as enamel onto your own tooth enamel so there is no preparation of your […]

Whiter Smiles!

What a better way to boost your confidence with a sparkling white smile! Whitening your teeth can be a low cost, simple way of really making you feel better about the way you look.  One of the major benefits is that it is a very  non- invasive Treatment! We provide Zoom 2 AP whitening at Creative […]

Temporomandibular Joint Disorder

Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ) is a disorder that affects the muscles of the jaw. This disorder is characterized by pain where the jawbone and the skull meet, the temporomandibular joint. This joint is located on either side of the head and just in front of the ears.  TMJ causes pain and discomfort associated with jaw […]

Bring your smile back to life!

We would like to share this recent case completed at Creative Smiles This lady came to see us as she did not like the look of 2 veneers she had placed on her lateral incisor teeth many years ago.  She felt that they had become worn and old looking and yellow lines had appeared above the […]

Creative Smiles Invisalign Platinum Award

Congratulations to Mark Gilbert at  Creative Smiles who has been awarded platinum standard provider for the invisalign brace.  This award reflects Mark’s 8 years skill and experience in providing this almost invisible brace to patients wanting stress free orthodontics.  It also takes into consideration the amount of many successful cases he has completed here at the practice! Well done to […]

A Straighter Smile in just 6 Months!

This Gentleman from Belfast came to Creative Smiles as he was very unhappy with his upper teeth and had wanted to have tooth straightening for a long time.    He did not mind the idea of having a brace that could be visible as long as he seen results quickly   We carried out an in-depth assessment of our patient and spent time with him […]

Gap Closure

We would like to share with you this recent case we have completed at Creative Smiles. This Lady from Greenisland came to see us as she did not like the appearance of her old crown and the gap she had between both of her front teeth.  She felt that this gap had got much worse over […]