Dental Implants

Rather than suffer the inconvenience of dentures, dental implants offer a more convenient, effective and long-term solution to replace missing teeth.  Implants are secured to your jawbone with titanium rods or screws.  A new restoration is placed on top of the implants which can be in the form of a crown or bridged unit to support more than one […]

It’s Mouth Cancer Awareness Month 1st – 30th November!

Mouth Cancer Action Month is a campaign run by British Dental Health Foundation, which raises awareness and improves understanding about oral cancer in both the public and the profession. Around 6000 people will be diagnosed with mouth cancer in the UK alone this year and without early detection half will die. Know the risks, smoking, […]

Tooth Straightening With The Inman Aligner Brace

This Gentleman from Moneyrea came to Creative Smiles as he was concerned about his 2 upper front teeth.  He did not like the way they twisted out and felt that this was getting  worse with time.  He also wished that they were whiter in colour.   We carried out an in-depth assessment of our patient and spent […]

5 amazing facts about your toothbrush!

1.  The commonly used practice of putting a cap on your toothbrush is actually more detrimental as the moisture entrapped in the cap favours bacterial growth. 2.  It has been advised not to store your toothbrush within 6 feet of a toilet as the airborne particles from a toilet flush can travel this distance! 3.  […]

Smile Rejuvenation

This Gentleman from Co.Clare traveled to Creative Smiles with a long-term desire to improve his overall dental care and to correct what he explained as a poor faced expression. After attending initially for a Comprehensive Assessment, we began a series of appointments starting with foundation work including treatment of decayed teeth with fillings, root fillings and extensive gum treatment […]