The oral health of a meat-eater is not a patch on a vegetarian’s, according to the results of a new study

German researchers discovered that veggies have healthier gums than meat-eaters and are therefore less likely to suffer from bleeding gums, tooth loss and potential life-threatening conditions. However, it was not all good news for vegetarians. The study also revealed they suffered from more tooth decay and were less likely to visit their dentist, despite knowing […]

Milking the benefits

A new study has found that drinking a glass of milk after breakfast significantly reduces the build-up of plaque. Results have shown a small glass of milk more than halves the build-up of plaque acids after eating dry sugary breakfast cereal. Milk is one of the best sources of calcium and the study reaffirms the […]

Damage Caused by Sports and Energy Drinks

Sports drinks and Energy drinks are becoming more and more popular these days but what a lot of people don’t realise that both the drinks have extremely high acid levels. These levels undoubtedly cause irreversible damage to teeth by eroding their protective enamel layer.   Enamel is the outer layer of the tooth and is […]

Office desk ‘grazers’ risk oral health

Acid attacks caused by food are more frequent and prolonged Dentists and hygienists have revealed that people who snack throughout the day are a key group at risk of developing oral health problems. Snacking, rather than eating three meals a day, prevents the mouth’s pH levels from stabilising and the acid attacks caused by food […]

Toothpaste: Choosing the right one for YOU!

At Creative Smiles, the team is often asked which toothpaste to use. The world of toothpaste can seem like a minefield; you only have to look at any supermarket and you will see rows of plaque-busting, breath-freshening, fluoride, cavity control, sensitivity, and whitening toothpaste, all with the guarantee of a perfect smile. Each toothpaste sounds […]