Smile Rejuvenation

This Gentleman from Co.Clare traveled to Creative Smiles with a long-term desire to improve his overall dental care and to correct what he explained as a poor faced expression. After attending initially for a Comprehensive Assessment, we began a series of appointments starting with foundation work including treatment of decayed teeth with fillings, root fillings and extensive gum treatment […]


Our Creative Smiles Team would like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year!!!! So what New Year Resolutions have you made for 2012??????? Most people will be planning to lose weight, eat more healthy, plan to exercise more.  A healthy, happier and more confident smile is another way to compliment your New Year Plan!! Rejuvenating your […]

Smile Rejuvenation

This lady from Belfast came to Creative Smiles because she has always been uncomfortable with her smile.  She did not like the alignment of her teeth or the appearance of both her central teeth.  The central incisor teeth had old composite based veneers on them and she felt they looked dull and lifeless so she wanted her smile brought back to life!  […]

Smile Make-over using AB ‘Align & Bond’

This Gentleman from Dollingstown came to Creative Smiles as he was unhppy with his smile.  His future wife had started her Smile Make-over here at Creative Smiles a few months prior hence he was concerned that the wedding photos would make his teeth stand out in comparison to hers!!  He did not like the alignment of his teeth or the gap […]

Replacing Old Crowns & Veneers

We finished this case recently here at Creative Smiles!  This lady travelled up from the South to see us as she was unhappy with the appearance of her old veneers and crowns, she wanted a more wider and rejuvenated smile! We whitened the teeth then prepared and fitted new veneers and crowns to bring this Lady’s smile […]

‘ABB’ Align, Bleach & Bond

Another Top Result Using ABB at Creative Smiles in Just 6 Months! This young lady from Belfast came to see us at Creative Smiles because she hated the prominence of her upper right lateral incisor tooth. She was also concerned that both of her central incisor teeth looked short in length as opposed to her […]

Dental Implants

This lady below had worn an upper acrylic denture for many, many years. She thought that she was too young to be wearing dentures and hated the fact that she had to remove the dentures at night in order to clean them and her surrounding teeth. She came to see us to discuss what alternatives […]


ABB ‘Align, Bleach & Bond’ Another Top Result Using ABB at Creative Smiles in just 8 Months! This lady from Ballinderry, Lisburn has been a longstanding patient at Creative Smiles and on every routine 6 monthly review appointment she has always mentioned that she hates her teeth.  The  alignment, colour and shape of her teeth were all a major concern but she felt she could never […]

Dental Facelifts

Having cosmetic dentistry can have a positive effect on your overall facial profile. The case photos below show this very well. This middle-aged lady’s face (as you can see from the before photograph) has collapsed. This is due to the resorption of bone and the wear of her old lower, upper, and lower dentures.  This […]