Health Benefits of Straight Teeth

You may be surprised to know that the benefits of having properly aligned teeth extend far beyond a confident smile. Straightening your teeth can actually significantly affect your overall dental health. Straight teeth can reduce the risk of tooth decay and gum disease. Swollen, red gums can often be the result of having teeth that […]

A Straighter Smile in just 6 Months!

This Gentleman from Belfast came to Creative Smiles as he was very unhappy with his upper teeth and had wanted to have tooth straightening for a long time.    He did not mind the idea of having a brace that could be visible as long as he seen results quickly   We carried out an in-depth assessment of our patient and spent time with him […]

Free orthodontic treatment for children could be about to end!

Parents of children who require braces could be expected to pay for the NHS service under new proposals by the Department of Health. They include introducing a grading system which will determine if a child’s teeth are bad enough in order to be given free treatment.  If not, the child’s teeth will remain untouched unless […]

A Straighter Smile in just 3 Months!!

This young lady from Belfast came to Creative Smiles as she was recommended to us by a friend.  She was very unhappy with her teeth.  She had worn a brace in the past and had not continued to wear her retainers to keep her teeth in position so over a period of a few years her teeth had […]

The Clear way to Straighten your teeth using ‘Invisalign’

This lady from Belfast came to Creative Smiles as she was recommended to us by a friend.  She was very unhappy with her teeth. She did not like the alignment of her top teeth and felt that the two front teeth were crossing over more and more as time went on.   She was becoming aware of these issues all the time and […]

Orthodontic Retainers

The final phase of Orthodontic Treatment is called Retention.  This is fitted when your brace is removed.  The purpose of retention is to maintain the corrected alignment of your teeth. During the process of wearing your brace your gums and bone tissue around your teeth move or re-model to their new position. Sometimes, the teeth […]

Invislign ‘the Clear Brace’

This case was completed at Creative Smiles last week! This gentleman in his 60’s came to us last year after many many years of being concerned with the prominence of his upper teeth.  He did not like that his lowers were crooked also.  He felt like the teeth were continuing to get worse over time, the longer […]

‘ABB’ Align, Bleach & Bond

Another Top Result Using ABB at Creative Smiles in just 6 Months! This young lady from Belfast came to see us at Creative Smiles as she hated the prominance of her upper right lateral incisor tooth.  She was also concerned that both of her central incisor teeth looked short in length as opposed to her lateral incisor teeth.  She was […]


ABB ‘Align, Bleach & Bond’ Another Top Result Using ABB at Creative Smiles in just 8 Months! This lady from Ballinderry, Lisburn has been a longstanding patient at Creative Smiles and on every routine 6 monthly review appointment she has always mentioned that she hates her teeth.  The  alignment, colour and shape of her teeth were all a major concern but she felt she could never […]