Smile Make-Over

Creative Smiles would like to share this recently finished case with you. This lady came to see us after being recommended to us by another Dentist she knew.  She felt that her teeth had moved during pregnancy.  She was very unhappy with her smile especially with the gap on her upper right hand side left from […]

Replacement Porcelain Restorations

This young lady from Lisburn came to see us as she was unhappy with her smile. She disliked her two central teeth that had been crowned a long time ago.  She was also concerned with the old fillings on her front lateral incisors and the ‘pink’ stain on her upper right lateral incisor tooth. After […]

Replacing Old Crowns & Veneers

We finished this case recently here at Creative Smiles!  This lady travelled up from the South to see us as she was unhappy with the appearance of her old veneers and crowns, she wanted a more wider and rejuvenated smile! We whitened the teeth then prepared and fitted new veneers and crowns to bring this Lady’s smile […]

Improving a smile using Porcelain Veneers

This young man came to see us at Creative Smiles already wearing a fixed upper brace.  He was coming to the end of his Orthodontic Treatment after having crooked upper teeth and wanted to know how he could improve the look of his lateral incisor teeth when the brace was taken off.  He thought they were […]

Replacing a Porcelain Crown and Cosmetic Bonding

  This young lady came to Creative Smiles concerned with a discoloured crown on her front tooth, she also didnt like the shape of her canine teeth. (third from the front) After discussing possible treatment plans with Mr Gilbert she decided to replace the discoloured crown with a more natural looking coloured Porcelain Crown that would perfectly […]

Dental Implants

This lady below had worn an upper acrylic Denture for many many years.  She thought that she was too young to be wearing dentures and hated the fact that she had to remove the dentures at night time and in order to clean them and her surrounding teeth. She came to see us to discuss […]

Implant Case

We wanted to share an interesting Implant Case at Creative Smiles with you this week! A middle aged Gentleman came to see us as he had fractured his upper right central incisor tooth which happened to be holding in a bridge!  Obviously he was quite concerned as he did not want to be going around with […]

An Interesting Trauma Case at Creative Smiles!

BEFORE AFTER Here you will see from the photographs an interesting Trauma Case treated with both Orthodontics and a combination of High Quality Porcelain Restorations! This Gentleman came to Creative Smiles after Sustaining Trauma to his Upper Front Teeth. Due to the extent of the Trauma his Upper Left Lateral Incisor Tooth (right side on […]