Replacement Bridges

This lady came to see us on a recommendation.  Her lateral incisor teeth had not developed on both sides so she had 2 dental bridges fitted at age 18 in order to have a fixed measure in her mouth to mask her 2 missing teeth.  The 2 missing lateral incisor teeth were bridged off crowns held on […]

Bring your smile back to life!

We would like to share this recent case completed at Creative Smiles This lady came to see us as she did not like the look of 2 veneers she had placed on her lateral incisor teeth many years ago.  She felt that they had become worn and old looking and yellow lines had appeared above the […]

Replacement Crowns to Rejuvenate your Smile!

This lady from Newry came to see us at Creative Smiles on a recommendation from a Friend.  Her two front Crowns were her main concern.  She had them placed 12 years ago and felt that they looked dated  in comparison to the rest of her teeth.  She  felt that they looked yellow, bulky and too square […]

Creative Smiles: Smile Make-Over Case Gallery

This young Gentleman from Belfast came to see us as he was unhappy with his smile.  Our practice had been highly recommended to him by two of his family members who had smile improvements carried out at Creative Smiles and he was very impressed with their results! He disliked everything about his smile and wanted a new one.  The overall […]

The Art of Cometic Bonding

Cosmetic Bonding is becoming more and more used in the art of Modern Cosmetic Dentistry!  We use it on a daily basis here on suitable Cases at Creative Smiles! The procedure is very simple.  It involves adding a material which acts as enamel onto your own tooth enamel so there is no preparation of your […]


Our Creative Smiles Team would like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year!!!! So what New Year Resolutions have you made for 2012??????? Most people will be planning to lose weight, eat more healthy, plan to exercise more.  A healthy, happier and more confident smile is another way to compliment your New Year Plan!! Rejuvenating your […]

Never too old for a Smile Make-over!!

This lovely lady from Lisburn, now  in her seventy’s who  has been a longstanding patient of our practice for many many years came to see us for her routine examination appointment.  At her appointment she asked us about having some smile improvements made.  She felt that her teeth were ageing her.  She he did not like the colour nor the […]

The Art of Smile Design

Creating your perfect smile We use the principles of smile design to solve numerous cosmetic concerns such as: crooked or uneven teeth discoloured teeth chipped teeth with old fillings worn down teeth. Designing Your Smile Using information discussed at your consultation visit we can then use computer imaging techniques to simulate your new smile. This […]

Smile Rejuvenation

This lady from Belfast came to Creative Smiles because she has always been uncomfortable with her smile.  She did not like the alignment of her teeth or the appearance of both her central teeth.  The central incisor teeth had old composite based veneers on them and she felt they looked dull and lifeless so she wanted her smile brought back to life!  […]