Northern Ireland teenagers tooth decay levels among the worst in Europe

According to a recent study carried out by the BBC, Nothern Ireland teenagers have some of the highest levels of tooth decay in Europe.

Poor diet, social deprivation and a non-flouridated water supply all contribute to this problem. As well as highlighting the standard of oral hygiene the report also found that teenagers in poorer areas were more likey to have extractions.

The main ways to prevent tooth decay are apply fissure sealants on to the adult molar teeth of childen as they erupt to protect them. Improving the diet is another key factor as by cutting down on sugary foods included in the teenagers diet less decay will occur.

Having orthodontic treatment carried out as a teenager can align the teeth into a position that will allow more efficient tooth brushing and interdental cleaning therefore avoiding food stagnating in areas that can be difficult to get at with a toothbrush when tooth crowding is an issue.

Visiting your dentist for 6 monthly examinations and regular xrays is one of the most preventaive measures that can be taken to detect  problem areas before they are allowed to continue and develop into decay. Oral Hygiene Instruction is also provided by the dentist or hygienist giving the teenager confidence to perform optimal toothbrushing.

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