Comprehensive Patient Care


As part of our Comprehensive Patient Care at Creative Smiles our patients are asked to fill in a Comprehensive Medical History.  The reasons for this are two fold, in order for us to give the safest possible treatment and to tailor the treatment to your individual needs.


 There are some conditions such as diabetes which have a manifestation in the mouth.  Some conditions can cause dry mouth which increases the risk of decay and so we are able to advise patients the best preventative course of action.  Other conditions can change the tissues in the mouth, enlarged gums, fissured tongue are examples which may worry a patient but knowing their full medical history enables to explain that they are a symptom of a condition they have rather than a new different problem.


 We also ask for a list of medications which the patient is taking, this includes prescribed medications and over the counter medications.  Knowing this information allows us to prescribe any medications you may need safely. Some medications can interact with each other so it is important to know exactly what a patient is on.


 Certain heart and stroke medications thin the blood or reduce clotting, so again it is important we are fully informed so as to provide any surgical treatment such as extractions or implant placement in the safest possible environment for the patient.


 So when you come to visit us you can expect us to want to you a lot about you, and I doing so provide the highest level of care possible.