Create a New Whiter Smile for 2011!!

Thursday 20th January

A New Year has begun and with it another opportunity to reassess and go forward!

Many of us will by now have started a new health regime involving healthy eating or a form of exercise plan to shake off the festive excess!  What a better way to boost your confidence and start the New Year in style than with a sparkling white smile!!

 Whitening your teeth can be a low cost, simple way of really making you feel better about the way you look.  One of the major benefits is that it is a very  non- invasive Treatment!

 At Creative Smiles we are keeping our Christmas Tooth Whitening Offer Prices until the end of February and are offering Complimentary Consultations to assess your suitability!

 We provide Zoom 2 whitening at Creative Smiles!  (As seen on extreme make-over) This is the latest, most advanced and successful way to whiten your teeth.  The advantage of the Zoom 2 procedure is that it is carried out in the dental chair in one hour using a special light which activates the bleaching agent on your teeth.  The Zoom 2 procedure investment is £399.
We also offer Tray-kit Whitening. This technique can be used on its own and is the most common form of tooth whitening. Custom made trays are made based on accurate impressions taken of your teeth. These are then processed at our laboratory.  Upon their return we fit your individual trays and provide you with all required instructions with a full bleaching kit which you administer for 20 days on a daily basis for 4 hour sessions. We monitor your progress throughout the whitening procedure, and take before and after photographs.  The investment for this treatment is £299.
After many years of carrying out whitening treatments here at our practice, we have found best results are achieved from using both of the above treatments together.   This is called ‘Combination Whitening’ This involves initially having the Zoom 2 procedure carried out then continuing with the tray system as explained above to ‘top-up’ immediately after  Zoom 2.  The advantage of this is the tray system can then be used for further bleaching you may like to carry out further down the line in six months time for example or for a special occasion as there tends to be a slight fade-off with any bleaching system after a long period of time.  Combination Whitening provides the best treatment for long-term results.
Combination Whitening is priced at a discount investment of £479.
We offer Various In-house Payment Plans at Creative Smiles which allows our patient’s to spread the cost and achieve the smile you desire!  This means you can have Zoom 2 Whitening for £39.90 per month (as little as £1.33 per day!)

We offer ‘Complimentary Assessments’ in order to assess suitability for our whitening systems!

We also have Gift Vouchers Available upon request!

For further information and assistance please Contact our Creative Smiles Patient Care Co-ordinator Leanne Hynes!

The new you starts here at Creative Smiles!