Dental Implants

Rather than suffer the inconvenience of dentures, dental implants offer a more convenient, effective and long-term solution to replace missing teeth.  Implants are secured to your jawbone with titanium rods or screws.  A new restoration is placed on top of the implants which can be in the form of a crown or bridged unit to support more than one tooth which match the colour and contours of your existing teeth.

Benefits:  Unlike the artificiality of dentures, dental implants look, feel and work like natural teeth. They are strong and long lasting, allowing you to chew with confidence and enjoy food without a plastic denture covering the roof of your mouth.

Here at Creative Smiles we plan and decide which type of implant suits your needs and budget. Mark, who has trained with the world leading Ankylos Implant System, will carry out the procedure using the latest equipment. Our expertise in assessing your suitability for implants, carrying out the procedure and providing aftercare means we offer a fully comprehensive dental implant service.

Please see a recent completed case below.  This lady had only a  few upper remaining teeth left which had to be removed and she could not bear the thought of wearing a full upper denture.  We placed 6 upper implants and restored all her upper missing teeth with a fixed bridge unit.