Is a Dental Problem the cause of your Migraine?

 Have you been suffering from Long-term Migraines that leave you feeling nauseous and unable to undertake everyday normal activities?
Recent Research advises that you get your teeth checked!
Most Doctors will try to treat Migraines with painkilling drugs without actually looking at the underlying cause.
We often have patients visiting Creative Smiles with these symptoms.  In some cases we find the cause to be due to Tooth Grinding at night (Bruxism) or Clenching of the Jaws.  Some patients are unaware that they even carry out such actions!
In certain cases these patients have been treated successfully using a Bite Raising Appliance to help to relieve the stress caused by the grinding or clenching on the muscles of the face. 
They are simple custom made devices that are worn at night.
In some cases here at Creative Smiles they have improved symptoms in a matter of days!