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These days everyone wants whiter teeth and a better smile. Using the latest technologies and procedures we at Creative Smiles are able to create those whiter smiles.

One of our most popular treatments is porcelain veneers, an excellent substitute if you don't want to wear braces for months on end or if you are wishing to hide stains on teeth that have built up over the years. Some think of veneers as the false fingernails of dentistry, but we can assure you that they will last much longer and leave you with a smile that looks fresh and real.

Porcelain Veneers

Veneers are thin layers of porcelain that provide a new front surface for your teeth. Here at Creative Smiles we use porcelain material for our veneers, the best option when it comes to such treatment. Veneers offer great versatility and are able to be used for an assortment of tooth problems: they can be used to close tooth gaps, elongate small or twisted teeth, or improve the colour of discoloured or darkened teeth. Their strength and appearance is similar to that of natural teeth and they are a great option if you want to have a smile that will last.

How It Works

Veneer treatment will take two visits to complete, but this is nothing compared to braces treatment if it is straighter teeth you are looking for. During your initial visit, the tooth is shaped with the drill to ready it for the veneer, but this is only minimal thanks to the ultra-thin structure of the veneer.

Then from impressions, we make precise models of the teeth including details about tooth colour and other important information. Veneers are made on the basis of these models to exactly fit the already ready teeth. You will be shown the veneer to make sure you are completely happy, and then the veneer will be bonded onto the front of your tooth through the use of a special adhesive that is completely safe.

Then, you can marvel at your new smile courtesy of porcelain veneers at Creative Smiles.

Creative Smiles: Patient Testimonial

“I didn’t like my smile and after looking at different places the Creative Smiles reviews seemed the best. The service was excellent, everything from start to finish was perfect. It has made a big difference to my life, I am looking my best and feeling my best, I can smile again! 😊”

This case was completed using a range of tooth straightening, veneer replacement and tooth whitening.

Creative Smiles: Patient Testimonial

“I had chipped my veneer and was unhappy with the look of my teeth. I chose Creative Smiles because of their online reviews. My expectations were met, I was happy with everything. I would recommend Creative Smiles as the staff are friendly and the service is great. I feel happier and have more confidence in my smile.”

This case was completed using Tooth Whitening and Porcelain Veneers.

Creative Smiles: Patient Testimonial

“I wanted my teeth fixed for a long time but wanted to have it done professionally and Creative Smile had the best reviews. The service was friendly and professional, I couldn’t be happier. The staff in particular Leanne and Mark were fabulous! The outcome was everything they said it would be. I can’t say in words what difference treatment has made to my life. I am more confident, happy to talk and open my mouth… Priceless”

This case was completed by replacing a front crown, tooth whitening and cosmetic bonding.

Creative Smiles: Patient Testimonial

" I recently became more self conscious about my smile as it was pointed out to me that I never smile with my mouth open in any pictures online so it got me thinking maybe I should consider getting some work done to my teeth. I initially done some research and I wasn't really convinced on who I found but I was then recommended to creative smiles. From the initial phone call to creative smiles I knew I had found the right place. The service I have received from Mark, Leanne and the rest of the team has been amazing. Leanne has been brilliant and very professional in organising all of my treatment and always there to answers all questions I had (and there was many). It made me feel reassured and relaxed throughout. Marks experience and knowledge in his craft is incredible. He's fantastic at what he does and I have walked away smiling a lot more and the confidence its given me is unbelievable. I highly recommend these guys to anyone considering getting treatment done. Do it now, you wont regret it, I should have done it years ago."

Creative Smiles: Patient Testimonial

“I wanted to feel more confident in myself, I did some research and found the Creative Smiles website very informative, especially their before and after pictures. I had three veneers fitted and cosmetic bonding on two teeth. I love my smile now, although it wasn’t a massive procedure I feel that it has changed my whole smile. The biggest difference has definitely been my confidence when I’m smiling. So many people compliment my smile and how nice my teeth are.”

Patient testimonial

"I was having problems with my existing veneers and wanted to have a whiter and more natural smile. My wife strongly recommended Mr Gilbert at Creative Smiles as the man to carry out the replacements as she had witnessed the high quality of his work. I found the whole experience to be courteous and always professional at every visit and have already recommended friends to this practice. Despite having existing veneers already, the improvement has been startling! I am so delighted with my end result and am happy to give a big broad smile again."

Patient testimonial

''I refused to smile as I hated the shape of my teeth. The enamel had all worn away and all I could see was unsightly brown marks. I am delighted with the new smile that Mr Gilbert as given me. I am in the process of learning how to smile again so that I can show it off! I am much more confident because of this!''

Denise, Antrim

Patient testimonial

Patient testimonial

''I have always disliked my teeth. They were small and I showed too much gum when I smiled. I was always very self conscious when talking to people and I tried to cover my mouth when talking. I never smiled with my mouth open in photographs. I do not like going to the Dentist at the best of times but found my experience with Creative Smiles very pleasant. The staff were all very friendly and helpful. They put me at ease throughout my Treatment. I am so pleased with my final result and my new smile. I have had so many compliments and positive feedback! My Sister is so impressed that she has now decided to proceed with smile improvements! I found the service very efficient and very professional. Mark and Leanne were brilliant at answering any questions I had or any queries that were troubling me. I was a very nervous patient and very afraid of all the drilling but they talked to me throughout and reassured me that I would be alright. Having this treatment carried out is the best thing I have done in my whole life! I feel a lot more confident and a more attractive therefore I smile all the time now and love showing off my new teeth and getting my photograph taken, so much so that I booked a photography session with my Brother and Sisters to have a family portrait done as a gift for my parents. I really looked amazing and so different! My new teeth have given me the confidence to get a new job in Belfast, giving me an opportunity to meet new people. My Boyfriend is also very pleased with the results too! He says it's like he's dating a new woman! I would like to Thank Mark Gilbert immensely for doing such a good job. Also, I would like to thank Leanne for being so helpful, Thank you to all the other staff too that helped my dental experience to be so pleasant.''

Gillian :) Co.Armagh

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