Replacement Crowns to Rejuvenate your Smile!

This lady from Newry came to see us at Creative Smiles on a recommendation from a Friend.  Her two front Crowns were her main concern.  She had them placed 12 years ago and felt that they looked dated  in comparison to the rest of her teeth.  She  felt that they looked yellow, bulky and too square in shape so she wanted the appearance of them improved to make them look more life-like!


After discussing this patient’s options with her in great detail we initially whitened the teeth using a take home tray system.  Once the desired Whitening result had been achieved we then removed the existing Crowns and replaced them with a High Quality Porcelain.  As you can see this has brought this Lady’s smile right back to life again.!

She said that having this procedure done has made her more confident with her Smile and that she would recommend Creative Smiles to anyone!