Six-month smiles

The 6 month smiles system is an excellent solution for those that want straighter teeth, but don't want to wear bulky, fixed braces for a long period of time. The system was developed and pioneered in the USA, but an increasing number of dentists in the UK have gone on to provide this service. We at Creative Smiles are proud to offer it to the residents of Belfast.

Am I suitable for six month smiles treatment?

The six month smile braces can be used to treat a variety of different orthodontic problems, including gaps between the teeth, overcrowding, protruding teeth and problems with the bite (this is the way the upper and lower teeth and the jaw align when the jaw is relaxed). Most patients can benefit from this treatment, and you will be able to discuss your suitability for treatment with one of our certified cosmetic dentists here at Creative Smiles.

How do the braces produce results so quickly?

The six month smile braces use the most innovative and modern technology and focus on the front teeth because they are visible when the patient smiles. The braces cause the teeth to move in the correct direction by using specially designed nickel titanium braces.

Are the 6 month smiles braces more expensive?

Most people would assume that this innovative treatment would come with a hefty price tag, but the treatment is actually considerably cheaper than most other cosmetic orthodontic treatments. Our friendly team here at Creative Smiles will be more than happy to discuss any queries you may have about the treatment and cost.

Will other people be able to see the braces?

The 6 month smile braces have been specially designed to look as subtle as possible. The wires are extremely fine and the brackets are tooth coloured so the braces are very discreet.

Completed Cases

Creative Smiles: Patient Testimonial

“I was recommended by a friend who had Cosmetic treatment at Creative Smiles. It was something I had wanted for a long time but kept putting off for different reasons like starting a family. My expectations were 100% met and I am delighted with the results. I am sorry I waited so long to have it done. The service is extremely professional and I always had quick appointments, I never had to wait too long. Treatment has made me more confident. I can finally smile with my mouth open. Thank you”

This case was completed using a combination of a Fixed Brace, Tooth Whitening and Cosmetic Bonding.

Creative Smiles: Patient Testimonial

“I was looking on the internet for a dentist and that’s how I chose Creative Smiles for my first appointment. I was always a little embarrassed by my upper ‘bunny teeth’. The visits were always great and a very high standard of service was provided. I couldn’t be happier with the results. It has made a massive difference to my life.”

This case was completed using a Fixed Brace and finished with Tooth Whitening and Cosmetic Bonding.

Creative Smiles: Patient Testimonial

“I saw a video recording of myself talking and was appalled. I wanted to smile with confidence and not hide my mouth. A friend referred me to Creative Smiles .The service exceeded my expectations especially with my fear of dentists. Nothing could have made my visits better - they were always warm and welcoming. I would 100% recommend Creative Smiles. My confidence level is different and I am smiling more. Thank you! Xx”

Creative Smiles: Patient Testimonial

“My teeth had an overlap and Creative Smiles was recommended me by a friend. The service was amazing, very friendly and professional. I would 100% recommend Creative Smiles. The difference treatment has made to my life is massive. I love my new teeth. Thank you!”

This case was completed with an Upper Fixed Brace and Cosmetic Bonding.

Creative Smiles: Patient Testimonial

“I was becoming more self-conscious about my crooked front teeth. I checked out several sites, read through Creative Smiles review’s and saw they had quite a few awards. On recommendation I contacted Creative Smiles and I found the service was amazing. I feel much more confident, I no longer have a tight lipped smile and people have mentioned that I am much happier!”

Creative Smiles: Patient Testimonial

This case was completed with Upper and Lower Fixed Appliances, Tooth whitening and Cosmetic Bonding..

“I wanted to fix my teeth for a number of years and my wedding prompted me to have the treatment. I was very pleased with all aspects of my dental plan and care. The service was friendly and professional”

Creative Smiles: Patient Testimonial

This Case was completed without any tooth preparation using a combination of Crown Lengthening, a Fixed Appliance Brace to align the teeth and finished with Cosmetic Bonding on the Upper Central Incisors.

“I was getting married this year and wanted to improve my smile, it was something that had always bothered me. Creative Smiles were recommended to me by a friend and they did not disappoint. The service I received was above and beyond my expectations. From my first consultation with Leanne to dealing with Mark on a weekly basis nothing was too much trouble and I was made to feel so comfortable every time. I would definitely recommend them and wouldn't dream of going anywhere else. I was amazed at my results and was more than happy with the services I received.”

Patient testimonial

Upper and Lower Braces, Treatment time - 5 months.

“I was constantly paranoid and had no confidence with my smile. After a long time researching I chose Creative Smiles because of their awards. The service was fantastic and the results were amazing. I couldn’t have asked for a better dental clinic! The treatment has made an absolutely huge difference to my life. I now wear my smile with pride and confidence”


Patient testimonial

“I researched a number of dental surgeries and Creative Smiles had the best reviews, testimonials and before & after treatment photos. After my assessment I chose the 6 Month Smile brace on Mark’s recommendation.

My experience with Creative Smiles has been excellent from start to end, I can’t fault a thing! My uncle is beginning treatment next week and has already commented on the excellent service. It has completely changed my life in that I have the confidence to smile and laugh without being conscious of my teeth. I am so pleased with the results. I never thought it would be possible.

Thank you so much!”

Patient testimonial

‘’With being an actress and presenter on TV I was very aware of my smile and want it to look the best it can possibly be. I found Creative Smiles where the staff are very friendly! I felt I was given the best advice and it was all very well explained to me. I had an upper brace fitted which took only 4 months. In addition to this, I had one of my front teeth re-shaped with cosmetic bonding. I am so happy with the end result. My teeth look amazing! I will be smiling now with confidence and have no concerns anymore in relation to camera close-up shots’’

Patient testimonial

“After many years of having twisted teeth and always asking Mark how long they would take to fix, I decided to take action and had the 6 month smile brace fitted. Mark has been my Dentist for many years and I trusted him to do a good job. As always, the Creative Smiles Service was fantastic and I would recommend their treatments to my friends and family. The results were better than I ever expected. Since having this treatment carried out, I am much more confident with my smile and I am showered with compliments!”

Patient testimonial

"I wasn't happy with the shape of my teeth, a friend in work recommended Creative Smiles. From day one I always felt welcome and the staff were lovely. I am very happy with the result and I now love to smile now!"


Patient testimonial

''I came to see the Creative Smiles Team because I was so unhappy with my smile. I had researched many practices but was delighted with the service and proposed treatment plan I was presented with here. The whole experience exceeded my expectations. My treatment took only 7 months. I have recommended Creative Smiles to all my Family & Friends and I have decided to remain at Creative Smiles now for my routine care. Since having my treatment carried out I feel I have been given my confidence back!''

Margaret, Antrim

Patient testimonial

After recently becoming engaged and now wedding planning I wanted the perfect smile for my wedding day . Since childhood I have had dents in my enamel and have always been unhappy with my smile so now felt like the right time to actively do something about it. I discussed my concerns with the creative smiles team and found my consultation with them to be very pleasant. Since having my porcelain veneers placed on my top teeth and my lower teeth straightened with the 6 month smile brace it has really increased my confidence! Everything here at this practice is excellent and has been above and beyond what I ever could have expected!

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