The Art Of Smile Design using Porcelain Veneers


 This lovely lady came to see us at Creative Smiles extremely self conscious about her smile.  She felt that her teeth looked too small and she showed too much gum.  She was mostly aware of her smile when talking to people, so much so she covered her mouth with her hand and would never attempt to smile in a photograph!
We got to work on designing a new smile for our patient!
Porcelain Veneers alone here would not change the Gum Levels that she was so concerned about so we had to organise for a Minor Gum Surgery Procedure to be carried out on the front 6 Teeth to decrease the gum level height to give the teeth more length and character.  While the Gum Surgery was healing, all the teeth were whitened using  our Zoom 2 AP Power Whitening System (completed in one hour). 
Each stage of this Smile Make-over was carefully planned between our Dentist Mr Gilbert and The Technician/Artist at our Dental Laboratory with the use of state of the art Dental Photography, Smile Design Models and Equipment.  This meant that on the day of preparation of the front 6 teeth, our patient was leaving with Temporary Veneers placed that were based on the end result, so she knew EXACTLY what the end result was going to be!!  This in- between stage between preparation and fitting is known as ‘the Trail Smile’ .  It means nothing is left to chance!  We often find a lot of our patient’s wanting to know why they cannot keep their trail smile and do they actually have to have them taken off for the Permanent Veneers to be fitted!! 
Once Mr Gilbert and our patient was happy with her ‘Trial Smile’ we then gave our Technician the go ahead to make the permanent Veneers with High Quality Porcelain.  These were then fitted just over 2 weeks after the teeth were prepared.  We used Cosmetic Bonding on both the Upper 1st Pre-Molar Teeth to bring them into the Smile more to finish off the makeover!
Since the Smile Make-over this lady has given us so much positive feedback.  It has been a life changing experience for her.  She bought her family a portrait seating as a gift and had the confidence to join them in getting a photograph taken (with her mouth open).  She looked, and more importantly felT amazing!  She has also had the confidence to go for a new job (which she was successful at getting) and her boyfriend says he is dating a new woman!
For further information on our Smile Make-overs please contact Leanne our Patient Care Co-ordinator on 028 90 618545 or you can e-mail directly to [email protected]