Tooth Straightening at Creative Smiles!

Tooth Straightening using Orthodontic Braces is becoming one of Creative Smiles most popular Smile Make-over Treatments!  We like this type of Dentistry as it provides our patients with a conservative option.   By using this conservative and noninvasive approach to treatment, we are able to move the patients own teeth into alignment in order to make smile improvements .

Metal Train Tracks are becoming  a thing of the past!   As you can see below, we now have the option to use tooth coloured brackets and arch wires!

At Creative Smiles we offer many forms of Orthodontic Treatments including 6 Months Smiles, Inman Aligners and almost invisible braces called invisalign!  These modern braces are very discreet which encourages patients of all ages to persue Tooth Straightening!  We find patients are now less self consious wearing these types of braces.