Toothpaste: Choosing the right one for YOU!

At Creative smiles the team are often asked which is the best toothpaste to use. The world of toothpastes can seem like a mine field, you only have to look at any supermarket and you will see rows of plaque busting, breath freshening, fluoride and cavity control, sensitivity and whitening toothpastes all with that guarantee of a perfect smile. Each toothpaste sounds like it might be worth trying and most of us will do anything to prevent cavities, gum disease or have the whitest smile!

When patients ask us, the team usually try to determine what the patient wants from the toothpaste. Most recognised toothpastes have the same basic ingredients which include fluoride to help prevent decay, calcium to strengthen teeth, flavouring and foaming agents. Every dentist and hygienist agrees that a toothpaste that follows the basic formula used twice a day should be enough to keep your teeth healthy and decay free. Of course the toothpaste alone is not enough, the patient needs to put in the effort too with at least two minutes brushing twice daily, interdentally cleaning and a good diet.  Above and beyond this, the toothpaste is down to patient needs and personal choice.
Many patients suffer from dentine sensitivity and require a sensitive toothpaste containing strontium or potassium chloride, we find these toothpastes work well but a dental exam would also be recommended to rule out decay or other causes of sensitivity. Some patients like to use whitening toothpastes although here at Creative Smiles we would discourage many patients from using these toothpastes as they can be fairly abrasive. There are also many toothpastes on the market that claim to remove stains caused by smoking, once again these can be abrasive and rather than changing your toothpaste – it might be an idea to try to give up smoking!

Finally there are toothpastes on the market to help combat the problem of dental erosion this is where the teeth are attacked by acidic substances. The source of acid is either intrinsic from within the body, for example acid from the stomach, or from an extrinsic source from outside the body, such as acidic foods, drinks or medicines. Regular checkups at Creative Smiles means any signs of erosion can be detected the source found and the appropriate treatment carried out. This is just a brief summary of toothpastes, at Creative Smiles and we are only too happy to discuss individual needs and recommend a toothpaste suitable for you.