White Fillings

White fillings are often used because they are far more aesthetically pleasing; they tend to match your natural tooth colour rather than the mercury fillings (also known as amalgam fillings) that look rather dense and are very noticeable when you open your mouth.

White fillings are often made up of composite resin or porcelain, which has proven to be a more successful, and longer lasting type of filling compared with the traditional mercury's.

White fillings are classed as a form of cosmetic dentistry because they aim to make your smile look better and protect your teeth from the regular wears and tears in the future.

The procedure is very similar to that of the amalgam filling one. A mild anaesthetic is put in place to numb the area and then the filling of the tooth commences.

Other advantages of white fillings include:

  • The length they last - often 7-10 years
  • Prevents further tooth decay
  • Will be made to match your tooth colour so no difference is noticed

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