ABB Case ‘Align, Bleach & Bond’

Fabulous results once again at Creative Smiles using modern, state-of-the-art cosmetic dentistry!

Another ABB case completed at Creative Smiles!

This lady from Belfast was concerned that when she smiled, she could see a cross-over on her two front teeth. She was not happy with the colour of her teeth or the shape of her second tooth on the upper left-hand side of the photo (patient’s right). This tooth is actually her canine tooth, as she is missing a lateral incisor tooth here.

ABB was the perfect treatment choice here for this lady, using a conservative approach to cosmetic dentistry.

The Invisalign ‘virtually invisible brace’ was used here initially to align the teeth into position and correct the cross-over on the two front teeth. The teeth were then whitened during the alignment process.

This case was then finished using a ‘Cosmetic Bonding‘ technique, which reshaped the canine tooth (2nd along on the left-hand side of the photograph) to make it more like what a lateral incisor tooth should be.

This case took nine months in total to complete.

A smile makeover is complete, and another happy patient leaves Creative Smiles with a confident smile!

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