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Creative Smiles can confidently offer you a teeth whitening treatment to suit your individual needs and budget.


Having used all systems over 20 years we now offer a series of leading tray whitening systems.


High Quality Teeth Whitening in Belfast

Custom-made trays are made based on accurate impressions. These are then processed at our in-house teeth whitening laboratory in Belfast.

At your second appointment, we fit your individual trays for you and give you instructions on how to use your whitening kit, which we ask you to administer at home for either one-hour or overnight intervals over a 20-day or night period.

We carefully monitor your progress throughout the procedure. This involves taking before and after photographs to see how many shades of whiter your teeth have enhanced.

Smiling down the aisle

With a white wedding on the horizon, this bride-to-be wanted a smile that wouldn’t let her down.

We used a gentle teeth whitening treatment as the finishing touch to a straightening and bonding treatment that left her looking radiant on the big day and beyond.

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Combination Teeth Whitening System in Belfast

If you would prefer a more instant result, we provide an in-house option called the Zoom Instant Power Whitening System. This package also includes custom-made trays with whitening gel included in order for you to carry out future ‘top-up” sessions at home. The total appointment time is around one hour and thirty minutes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We offer two types of teeth whitening, an at-home and an in-clinic treatment. The at-home option involves wearing custom-made trays containing whitening gel daily for up to three weeks. In-clinic whitening uses gels activated by powerful lights to deliver quick results.

Professional teeth whitening treatments from a dentist are safe. We’ll give you a dental checkup before starting whitening to ensure your teeth are healthy enough for the treatment. Shop-bought whitening treatments don’t have the professional supervision or the same level of quality as those offered by Creative Smiles.

You can enjoy the benefits of dental whitening if you’re over the age of 18 and have healthy teeth and gums.

Stains and discolouration can occur if you’re a smoker, drink lots of tea, coffee, or red wine, or regularly eat spicy foods or dark berries. Illness and certain medications can also affect the appearance of your teeth.

We offer two types of whitening, an at-home option that gradually brightens your smile over 20 days, or Phillips Zoom! an in-house treatment with at-home follow ups.

At-home treatments take around 20 days, while a Philips Zoom! appointment takes around 90 minutes.

Teeth whitening isn’t permanent, and the results may remain visible longer for some people than others. Avoiding anything that could stain your teeth will help preserve the brightness for longer. If you notice discolouration returning, we can provide top-up treatments.

While whitening your teeth, they will be exposed to a powerful gel containing hydrogen peroxide. Before your treatment, we’ll ensure your teeth are healthy enough for whitening. You may experience mild sensitivity as a result of treatment; however, this is temporary.

Yes. Treatment is only available to patients over the age of 18.

We offer a whitening treatment that you can use at home. Using custom whitening trays makes this treatment safe, comfortable, and straightforward.

Many shops sell whitening products; however, these are much weaker than professional treatments and don’t offer the same level of safety. Our at-home treatments use bespoke whitening trays made to fit your teeth perfectly. This ensures safer delivery of the whitening agents. Additionally, having professional support throughout improves the safety and outcome.

No. Whitening will only brighten your natural teeth.

Your new smile should stay bright for a long time with the right care. Overusing whitening treatments can cause sensitivity. If your bright smile has faded, schedule an appointment and we can discuss top-up treatments.

Proper oral hygiene will preserve the brightness of your smile. You should also limit your coffee, tea, and red wine consumption, and avoid eating too many foods that cause stains. Visiting us for a hygiene appointment can also help keep your smile looking fresh.

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