Creative Smiles is equipped with the latest in dental technology. Equipment such as CT scanners, intra-oral video cameras, and digital x-rays and imaging equipment help us to design precision treatment plans bespoke to each patient. It means we are able to achieve predictable outcomes, as well as ensuring that treatment is of consistently outstanding quality.

CT Scanner

We have invested in our own on-site, state-of-the-art CT scanner. This state-of-the-art equipment contributes to ensuring accurate diagnosis, treatment planning, and the placement of dental implants with optimal accuracy. Scanning determines whether bone restoration or a sinus lift is required before treatment and detailed information is obtained from the scan that wouldn’t be available from a conventional x-ray image. Creative Smiles’ CT scanner also uses much lower levels of radiation than a traditional X-ray, making it a safe, comfortable, and reliable method of building an accurate diagnostic picture in preparation for treatment.

Intra-Oral Video Camera

The tiny intra-oral camera gives you and our dentists a virtual tour of the inside of your mouth.


Digital X-Rays

We use low yield radiation digital X-rays. They can be viewed instantly and provide higher-quality, more precise images.

Digital Photography

These are used to help diagnose and communicate treatment options, providing high resolution before and after images for all our patients undergoing cosmetic treatment plans.

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