Cosmetic Bonding


Cosmetic bonding is a non-invasive, painless treatment.


It restores the shape and unique contours of your teeth by applying a tooth-coloured resin composite.

Everlasting bond

A wedding wasn’t the only life-changing event on the horizon for this bride-to-be when she visited Creative Smiles.

Our treatment left her feeling fabulous and happy-ever-after.

Cosmetic bonding was the finishing touch to a Six Month Smiles treatment, along with a little something for a true white-wedding smile.

It can be used to treat the following concerns:

This simple technique requires only one visit to complete and does not require any anaesthetic, making it a comfortable and easy treatment for our patients. We use the most advanced dental techniques and highest quality materials for our cosmetic bonding treatments. Careful shade matching with the colour of your natural teeth and performing a final high shine polish ensure that we provide the most natural finish.

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