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Being aware of plaque and understanding its effect on the body and its link to many health problems such as heart disease is vital factor that contributes to your everyday health.


Knowing how to reduce it is very important to help prevent tooth loss later in life.

Do I need to see a dentist before I can see the hygienist?

The introduction of Direct Access allows us to offer hygiene services to anyone without them having to be registered with our practice.The goal of our hygienist is to give you the tools to look after your teeth at home through effective oral health education in the surgery.


What happens during a visit with the Hygienist?


Removal of heavy staining & tartar


Treatment of gum disease


Education on interdental cleaning at home


Record and monitor your gum health & provide advice on smoking cessation

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Frequently Asked Questions

Although your routine dental checkup is a vital element in maintaining your oral health, we recommend seeing our hygienist for dental cleaning. Although you brush your teeth every day at home, we can provide a more thorough treatment that removes any tartar that’s formed along your gum line. This gives you extra defence against tooth decay and gum disease.

In most cases, we recommend visiting our hygienist every six months. If you have existing dental issues, we may suggest more frequent appointments.

Not at all. Dental cleaning is a minimally invasive treatment that uses fine jets or air, water, and carbonated particles to give you the best possible clean.

In the past, you needed a prescription from your dentist to receive hygiene treatments. You do not need to have a dental checkup with the dentist prior to an appointment with our hygienist.

The main focus of your hygiene appointment is to provide thorough dental cleaning. During your appointment, you’ll also have the opportunity to discuss your general dental hygiene needs and receive advice on maintaining your healthy smile.

In addition to professional dental cleaning, a hygienist can also offer advice on a range of oral care topics like brushing techniques and products, as well as tips and signposting to services that help you quit smoking.

Yes. Although we’d recommend avoiding anything that could cause staining for the first couple of hours. This includes tea, coffee, dark berries, spicy food, or tobacco.

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