An Interesting Trauma Case at Creative Smiles!


Here you will see from the photographs an interesting Trauma Case treated with both Orthodontics and a combination of High Quality Porcelain Restorations!

This Gentleman came to Creative Smiles after Sustaining Trauma to his Upper Front Teeth.
Due to the extent of the Trauma his Upper Left Lateral Incisor Tooth (right side on photograph, 2nd tooth along) had to be removed leaving a gap.  His other front teeth were broken and discoloured due to nerve damage resulting from the trauma also.  This patient had protruding teeth to begin with which he was constantly aware therefore self conscious of so instead of just restoring the broken teeth resulting from the trauma, we suggested to take this prime opportunity to treat the protruding teeth and utilise the space produced by the missing lateral incisor tooth in order to achieve this!
The Front Six Teeth were retracted using an upper removable brace which brought them onto their natural position.
Whitening was carried out after alignment.
The case was then finished using a Combination of  High Quality Porcelain Crowns, Veneers and Bridgework to restore the discoloured and poorly shaped anterior teeth!