Creative Smiles Case of the week: The Inman Aligner

This young lady from Carrickerfus came to Creative Smiles as she was very consious of her front 4 teeth.  She felt that her 2 front teeth sat too far in and the teeth beside the front teeth sat too far out 
We carried out an in-depth assessment of our patient and spent time with her discussing all her individual available options and solutions to her concerns in great detail.  After discussing the options, together with the patient, we decided to align her teeth to rejuvenate her smile.
We used the inman aligner brace to align the teeth as our patient preferred the option of wearing a removable brace as opposed to a brace that was fixed on to her teeth.   She liked the fact that this brace worked quickly and she was able to remove it for eating and for important engagements.    
This Smile Make-over took approximately 4 months.
This Young lady is delighted with her new smile and gave the following comments:
 ‘  I was made to feel very welcome at Creative Smiles.   The treatment has exceeded my expectations and I have more confidence as I am not afraid to smile anymore”