Creative Smiles: Smile Make-Over Case Gallery

This young Gentleman from Belfast came to see us as he was unhappy with his smile.  Our practice had been highly recommended to him by two of his family members who had smile improvements carried out at Creative Smiles and he was very impressed with their results!

He disliked everything about his smile and wanted a new one.  The overall colour and gap between the two front teeth as well as the right hand side were just some of the many concerns to him.

After discussing all the available options with our patient, we decided to initially fit an upper removable brace to bring in the upper right central incisor tooth.  As you can see from the side view photograph it sat very far out of alignment.  While the brace was working we restored some old fillings and had to carry out root canal treatment on some of the teeth also.  It is important to get the conservative treatment carried out so that we are basing the new smile on good foundations!

Once all the remedial work was carried out  we used our Zoom 2 AP Power Whitening System to brighten the colour of the overall smile.  

We then used the art of smile design to plan our patient’s new smile! 

We replaced all the old crowns with new high quality crowns and placed a bridge on the upper right hand side to fill in the gap  to complete the smile make-over! 

As you can see from the photographs the results were fantastic!  This Gentleman is now much more confident with dealing with clients and wished he had completed the treatment a long time ago!  He said it has made a very positive impact on his life!

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