Dental Implants

This lady below had worn an upper acrylic Denture for many many years.  She thought that she was too young to be wearing dentures and hated the fact that she had to remove the dentures at night time and in order to clean them and her surrounding teeth.

She came to see us to discuss what alternatives she had to her denture and after a comprehensive assessment and discussing the patient’s needs in-depth we decided to place 2 upper front implants holding 4 upper front teeth as well as a third implant on the upper left pre-molar region to close the gap on the left hand side.

She is delighted with the result, is far more confident with her smile  and no longer has to remove a denture from her mouth as she has a permanent life long fixture just like what her original teeth were!

Xray of 2 Front Implants


Xray of 1 upper left implant