Halitosis – Bad breath

Fresh breath is important to everyone and not least when you get up close and personal. Bad breath (halitosis) is incredibly off putting and very difficult to handle for all concerned. While most cases of halitosis are related to a cause within the mouth there are other, rarer sources of halitosis.

Bad Breath in the morning is something many people complain about. The most common reason for “Morning Breath” is because during the night when sleeping the mouth becomes very dry.

Other causes for bad breath are foods like onions or garlic, smoking,  alcohol intake and obesity.

The most common causes of Halitosis are gum disease and tongue coating. Bacteria in the mouth break down proteins that release gases that cause the unpleasant smell. Therefore bad oral hygiene is the main culprit for Halitosis and with effective tooth brushing, inter-dental cleaning and using a tongue scraper could very easily resolve the problem.

Other causes for bad breath can include a post-nasal drip, sinusitis and some stomach diseases. Always seek professional advice to find the cause of Halitosis.

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