Improving a smile using Porcelain Veneers

This young man came to see us at Creative Smiles, already wearing a fixed upper brace. He was coming to the end of his orthodontic treatment after having crooked upper teeth and wanted to know how he could improve the look of his lateral incisor teeth when the brace was taken off. He thought they were too small and did not like their shape or overall appearance.  We consolidated with his orthodontist, informing them that we planned to improve the appearance of the lateral incisor teeth using porcelain veneers, and asked them to finish off the brace treatment by leaving us adequate space to achieve the best result for our patient.

Once the brace was removed, we prepared the two lateral incisor teeth for the veneers and then fitted the permanent veneers three weeks later. On the same day that we fitted the veneers, we also used a technique called cosmetic bonding to improve the shape of both the canine teeth to finish off this cosmetic case. This resulted in a more desirable, symmetrical smile! Our patient was very pleased with the results and the fact that it was completed in just three visits!