Inman Aligner

This young lady who studies at Edingburgh University visited Creative Smiles with concerns that her teeth were becoming crowded, her main concern was the front tooth. She was given a number of othodontic treatments that she was suitable for including Invisalign,  a tooth Coloured Fixed Appliance or the Inman Aligner.

After taking some time to make her decision she decided to proceed with the Inman Aligner as it had the shortest estimated treatment time.She was able to wear the brace while at University in Edinburgh and return to the practice to have the appliance adjusted at times that fitted into her scedule.The total treatment tome took around four and a half months.

When asked how she felt about the finished result she said “My teeth sit perfectly now and I am no longer self-conscious about my smile,  it has also made me alot happier about my smile and will improve my confidence, Thankyou to everyone at Creative Smiles!”

Another happy customer leaves Creative Smiles. If you have any concerns about your teeth or are interested in finding out about any of the orthodontic treatments that we offer here please contact leanne@creativesmiles or alternatively contact us by hone on 02890 618545