Invisalign Tooth Straightening!



This young lady came to see us at Creative Smiles wishing to have a Smile Makeover.  She was very self consious about her teeth and a lot of the time had her hand positioned across her mouth so that people could not see her teeth.  We presented her with all her available options and she decided to wear our Virtually Invisalible Brace ‘Invisalign’ .  This was the ideal choice for this patient’s individual needs as she wished to have a discreet brace fitted so that no-one could see and one that would not effect her speech for work purposes.
This individual case took 1 year and 5 months to complete.  The invisalign Aligners using state of the art technology from the States moved the teeth gently into alignment until they were in the perfect position.
We also provided the patient with a Complimentary Whitening Kit * This offer applies to all our Patient’s here at Creative Smiles*
To finish off we replaced some old discoloured white fillings on the front teeth using a technique called ‘cosmetic bonding’ to improve tooth proportions!
A fantastic result as you can see and a very happy young lady who is now very confident with her smile so much so that she is now wearing lipstick for the first time ever!
Contact our Patient Care Co-ordinator Leanne on 028 90618545 for further details on Invisalign!