Orthodontic Retainers

The final phase of Orthodontic Treatment is called Retention.  This is fitted when your brace is removed.  The purpose of retention is to maintain the corrected alignment of your teeth.

During the process of wearing your brace your gums and bone tissue around your teeth move or re-model to their new position. Sometimes, the teeth may align more quickly than the soft tissues around them do.  Therefore the teeth may appear to be straight, but once your braces are removed, teeth generally Relapse quickly back to their original misalignment.

Retainers are used to keep the teeth in their new alignment and allow time for the soft and hard tissues around the teeth to re-model.

Because human bodies are constantly changing, many patients will need retainers throughout the rest of their lives.  The only method to maintain your new alignment is the consistent use of retainers.

Types of Retainers:

Removable Vacu Form ‘invisible’ Retainer  

Covers all the teeth with a clear plastic.  It is called a vacu form retainer because when it is made, a vacum is used to suck the plastic onto a mould of your aligned teeth.  It is an excellent retainer in holding spaces closed and a good cosmetic retainer option.  It needs to be worn every night.  Due to it’s thin esthetic plastic, this retainer deteriorates at a faster rate than other retainers therefore may need replaced more frequently.

Fixed/Permanent Retainers                                                                                                   

Are customised wires that are bonded onto the back of the front teeth that have been aligned.  Excellent for maintaining the position of the front incisor teeth only, after orthodontic treatment.  Extra care must be taken to brush and clean between the teeth to prevent further dental problems.  This type of retainer is susceptible to breakages therefore may frequently need repaired.