Replacement Bridges

This lady came to see us on a recommendation.  Her lateral incisor teeth had not developed on both sides so she had 2 dental bridges fitted at age 18 in order to have a fixed measure in her mouth to mask her 2 missing teeth.  The 2 missing lateral incisor teeth were bridged off crowns held on by her canine teeth.

21 years on she felt that the gum had receded over time and she did not like the appearance of the grey line because of this.  She also wanted her smile to be whiter as she felt that the shade of her teeth had darkened over a period of time.

After in-depth planning and discussions with this lady we started off her case by whitening all the natural teeth using our high quality tray whitening system.  We then took of the old bridges and by using the art of smile design replaced them with new cosmetic bridges matched into her whiter shade.  To finish her smile-makeover we  used composite bonding by adding to the upper right central incisor tooth to improve it’s overall appearance.

This lady was delighted with the results saying that the finished result exceeded her expectations and that she has more confidence when smiling!