Smile Make-Over

This Gentleman from Lisburn came to see us as he was unhappy with his smile.  His job involved being in the public eye so he wanted to be more confident when dealing with clients.

He disliked that his teeth were all different colours and the very dark appearance of his upper right lateral incisor tooth really annoyed him.  He felt that his old crowns did not match in with his natural teeth anymore and black lines around the gum-lines were becoming more noticeable over time. 

After discussing all the available options with our patient, we decided to initially whiten the teeth using our Zoom 2 AP Power Whitening System and replace both the Upper right central incisor and upper left lateral incisor crowns with new high quality crowns.  We also placed a crown on the upper left 2nd pre-molar tooth as this had a large black filling it it so to improve the appearance as well as strengthen this tooth, a crown was the ideal solution here.   Porcelain veneers were placed on The upper right lateral incisor and upper left central incisor teeth also to complete the smile make-over! 

As you can see from the photographs the results were fantastic!  This Gentleman is now much more confident with dealing with clients and wished he had completed the treatment a long time ago!

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