Smile Make-Over

Creative Smiles would like to share this recently finished case with you.

This lady came to see us after being recommended to us by another Dentist she knew.  She felt that her teeth had moved during pregnancy.  She was very unhappy with her smile especially with the gap on her upper right hand side left from a tooth that had been taken out when she was younger.  She had also a baby tooth still present on the Upper Left Hand Side (her adult tooth had never came through) and the appearance of the baby tooth really annoyed her.  The Alignment of the Upper Right Central Incisor Tooth again, made our patient unhappy.

After an initial consultation and an second consultation discussing our patient’s concerns in-depth we formulated a treatment plan that suited her needs.  We started by fitting a removable brace to align the Upper Right Central Incisor Tooth and close the rest of the anterior spacing.

Upon completion of the alignment we whitened the teeth then prepared and placed a Porcelain Crown on the Upper Left baby tooth to improve the appearance.

We then prepared the Upper Right Canine tooth and used this to Bridge the missing  Upper Right 1st Pre-Molar Tooth to finish the Smile-Make-over.

Our patient said that the Smile-Make-over exceeded her expectations and that our staff and Dentists were very friendly and professional, she would recommend us to any of her family and friends and is much more confident after having the treatment!