The Art of Cosmetic Bonding

Cosmetic Bonding is becoming more and more used in the art of Modern Cosmetic Dentistry!  We use it on a daily basis here on suitable Cases at Creative Smiles!

The procedure is very simple.  It involves adding a material which acts as enamel onto your own tooth enamel so there is generally no preparation of your  healthy tooth structure involved.  It can be used on any aspect of a tooth.  It can greatly improve the appearance of your teeth by repairing a damaged or defect in a tooth, reshaping crooked teeth or filling unsightly gaps!

It is a low cost, non-invasive procedure which can be carried out in one simple visit, generally requiring no Local Anesthetic!

The case photographs below show an example of the use of the Cosmetic Bonding Technique.

This Young  lady came to see us at Creative Smiles as she did not like the gaps between her 6 front teeth and wanted a solution for this prior to her wedding day.   Bonding was carried out here on all the front central, lateral & canine  teeth.  The Cosmetic Bonding  Treatment was completed in one visit within an hour!

Since having the treatment carried out she is now looking forward to her wedding photos with confidence.  She said we exceeded her expectations and she would recommend our services to anyone!

Please contact our Patient Care Co-ordinator Leanne on 028 90 618545 for further information or email [email protected]