The Art Of Cosmetic Bonding

Bonding with composite resin (tooth-colour filling material).

In recent years, there have been amazing developments in modern dentistry with the use of tooth-coloured filling materials (sometimes called white fillings or composites) and the adhesives used with this material.

A wide variety of problems can be fixed with this material, and the dentists at Creative Smiles are very experienced in the use of this material.

Some people have stained areas on their teeth, and because the tooth surface is healthy, it is not desirable to remove healthy teeth. Bonding with composite can hide these areas.

In some cases, the teeth do not form correctly and have less than an ideal shape. Bonding can be used to correct this without progressing to a veneer or crown!

Cosmetic bonding can be used for modern cosmetic techniques to close spaces between teeth (see example below) or to build up worn-down teeth. This is invariably successful, with a very natural appearance!

Composite bonding can be used in some circumstances over the whole front surface of a tooth. This is called a composite veneer and allows the dentist to change the whole surface of a tooth in just one visit!

Cosmetic bonding procedures are generally performed without the need for a local anaesthetic, take only one visit, and are relatively low-cost!