The Clear way to Straighten your teeth using ‘Invisalign’

This lady from Belfast came to Creative Smiles as she was recommended to us by a friend.  She was very unhappy with her teeth.
She did not like the alignment of her top teeth and felt that the two front teeth were crossing over more and more as time went on.   She was becoming aware of these issues all the time and it was affecting her confidence and preventing her from smiling as much as she liked to.
We carried out an in-depth assessment of our patient and spent time with her discussing all her available options in great detail.  After discussing the options, together with the patient, we decided to use our almost invisible brace ‘Invisalign’  to align her teeth.
Invisalign was the best choice of brace for our patient as she wanted something discreet that people would not notice.  This was important to her as she worked in the general public environment.
This Smile Make-over took approximately 15 months.
This lady was very happy with the overall procedure and results!
She said that by wearing the invisalign brace it made her treatment easy as it fitted into her lifestyle and no-one noticed that she was even wearing it!