The Facebook factor that makes women camera-shy

A recent article has shown that three-quarters of British women are so worried about the way they look that they try to avoid having their picture taken! 

Their main fear is attracting catty comments from all and sundry on social networking sites such as Facebook.  Some 45% actively ‘hate’ how they look in photos, according to a survey.  A 36% of brides-to-be worry about how they will look in pictures taken on their wedding day.

The thing women hate most in pictures of themselves is their smile, cited by 52% as a reason to avoid the lens!  Other anxieties include having their eyes closed, embarrassment about their outfit, having discoloured or wonky teeth and ‘smile lines’.

Despite women’s hang-ups, a smile is the first thing men are attracted to in a woman.  Interestingly, 28% of men actually said they found smile lines attractive.  TV presenter Holly Willoughby’s smile was most popular for men, followed by Cheryl Cole, Katy Perry and Fearne Cotton.

Celebrity photographer Daniel Kennedy suggested that women who are worried about their smile say the words ‘oats’ or ‘plum’ and keep the chin down and look up through the eyelashes for a face-slimming look.  He added ‘don’t forget a slick of lip-gloss.’