Tooth Straightening in combination with Dental Implants

We recently finished this Smile Make-over Case at Creative Smiles!

This lovely lady from Co.Kildare travelled up to see us as she was very unhappy with her smile.

She disliked the gap on the left hand side from teeth that had been extracted a long time ago and as well as this she always wanted to have straight teeth! 

After discussing all the available options with our patient, we decided to initially fit our invisible brace ‘invisalign’ to the upper and lower teeth to align/straighten the teeth. 

While the brace was working, Implant Surgery was carried out to restore the gaps in the upper left region.  We also whitened using the home kit system.   When the Titanium Implants had fully healed and tooth straightening was completed we placed 2 High Quality Porcelian Crowns to the implants to fully close the gap.  Cosmetc Bonding was also used here to re-shape a few of the front teeth to complete the Smile Make-Over!

As you can see from the photographs the results were fantastic! 

Our patient is overwhelmed with her new smile, so much so that she is holding a party to celebrate!!

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