Tooth Straightening using the Inman Aligner


Creative Smiles would like to share this recent case with you!

This lady came to us because she had been extremely unhappy with the appearance of her front four teeth for many years. She wanted to find out what her options were in relation to tooth straightening.

We decided with this patient that the use of the Inman Aligner Brace would be the ideal option for her individual needs, as she wanted to have something removable when required for her job and treatment that would be as short-term as possible. She wore the Inman Aligner Brace for approximately 4 months. She found the Inman Aligner Brace relatively discreet in its appearance and was pleased with how quickly she began to see her teeth moving.

We finished this case using a cosmetic bonding technique to improve the shape of the upper 1st pre-molar tooth, which greatly improved the shape and closed the gap accordingly.

Another delighted patient at Creative Smiles!