Replacing a Porcelain Crown and Cosmetic Bonding

This young lady came to Creative Smiles concerned with a discoloured crown on her front tooth; she also didn’t like the shape of her canine teeth. (Third from the front.) After discussing possible treatment plans with Mr. Gilbert, she decided to replace the discoloured crown with a more natural-looking coloured porcelain crown that would perfectly […]

Choosing the Right Gum Shield

A gum shield is an appliance you wear in your mouth if you play a sport that involves contact with the mouth, e.g., rugby, soccer, boxing, hockey, etc. The first report of gum shields being worn was in boxing in 1913; even then, it was realised that this simple device reduced the incidence of knock-outs […]

Dental Implants

This lady below had worn an upper acrylic denture for many, many years. She thought that she was too young to be wearing dentures and hated the fact that she had to remove the dentures at night in order to clean them and her surrounding teeth. She came to see us to discuss what alternatives […]

Dental Implants at Creative Smiles

Today, losing a tooth or indeed several doesn’t mean that you have to either live with the gap or wear dentures. Advancements within the field of dentistry are giving patients more choice. Dental implants offer a safe, permanent and aesthetically pleasing alternative to simply putting up with second best when it comes to one of […]


ABB ‘Align, Bleach & Bond’ Another Top Result Using ABB at Creative Smiles in just 8 Months! This lady from Ballinderry, Lisburn has been a longstanding patient at Creative Smiles and on every routine 6 monthly review appointment she has always mentioned that she hates her teeth.  The  alignment, colour and shape of her teeth were all a major concern but she felt she could never […]


This young lady came to Creative Smiles with concerns that her smile was uneven and that her upper teeth were crowded. She was getting married in 6 months time so wanted a tooth straightening treatment that would be completed within that time. After her orthodontic consultation with Mr. Gilbert she decided to have a Fixed Appliance with […]

Dental Facelifts

Having cosmetic dentistry can have a positive effect on your overall facial profile. The case photos below show this very well. This middle-aged lady’s face (as you can see from the before photograph) has collapsed. This is due to the resorption of bone and the wear of her old lower, upper, and lower dentures.  This […]

The Journey of Restoring Chewing Power with Dental Implants

We had a middle-aged gentleman visit our practice a few months ago, finding it hard to chew his food as he had no back teeth on the lower left or right side of his mouth. He was also concerned that his front teeth were becoming worn and fragile, as he was relying heavily on them […]

6 Month Tooth Straightening with Home Whitening

This young man from Belfast came to Creative Smiles hoping to have his teeth straightened. He was very self-conscious and did not like smiling for photographs. After an in-depth assessment to decide on a plan of action that suited his individual needs, he decided to have a fixed brace with tooth-coloured brackets fitted on the […]